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In 1993, PRSoft® became a pioneer in the Puerto Rico tax software industry by designing PRTax®, the market’s first stand-alone software product for accountants and CPAs, who, until then, were completing individual tax returns and reports by hand. PRTax quickly established itself as the product of choice for accounting professionals who yearned for an easier method to complete and print tax returns and reports for their clients.

Then, in 1995 PRCorp®and PropTax®were introduced, followed shortly after by PRPay®.

Today, PRSoft has five government-approved tax software products: PRTax, PRCorp, PropTax, PRPay and My PRTax, supported by dedicated Customer Service, Technical Support, Quality Assurance and Development teams.

Our Staff

Jennifer Bates

Finance & Human Resources
Luis Ramírez

Customer Relations (CRM)
Rosa Rodríguez
Xiomara Rodríguez
Eric Rodríguez

Technical Support
Jachzell Medina
Andrés Oliver
Jessica Ortiz
Miguel Rivera

Quality Assurance
Ana Maria Andino
Alberto Olán
Lilliam Rivera
Liznelly Rodríguez

Software Development
Anton Komkov
Enrique Ramírez
Victor Torres
Pablo Vivera


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